Our Programs


Join Lambton Wildlife on the last Monday of each month, unless otherwise stated, for a social gathering of like-minded people who love to experience and learn about nature. The evening begins with a social time where members and guests can get to know each other and learn more about the group and the local area. At 7:30pm, an expert naturalist, or experienced Lambton Wildlife member, will give a thought-provoking and educational presentation on one of many subjects that are of interested to our members. Topics may include wildlife, biology, ecosystems, conservation, natural landscaping, or photography, to name a few.

Guests and new members are always welcome.

When: The last Monday of the month (except for October). Social gathering starts at 7:00 pm (refreshments provided). Presentations begin at 7:30 pm.
Where: Esso Careers and Learning Centre, 660 Oakdale Ave., Sarnia (highway 402 & Colborne Rd.)

Check out the Calendar of Events for more information about upcoming presentations.

Indoor Committee

Mary Martin (chair)
Malcolm Boyd                    Larry Cornelis
Eric Marcum                      Richard Maxfield
Felicia Syer                       Grace White




Join experts on day trips to local wetlands, forests, trails, parks and gardens to learn about wildlife, landscaping, habitats and plant species. Members can also participate in specific citizen science projects, like the annual Kettle Point / Pinery bird count.

Camping excursions to Pelee Island, Point Pelee National Park, and other local destinations, allow the adventurous to experience bird and butterfly migrations first-hand. Registration and fees are usually required for these excursions.

Check out the Calendar of Events for more information about future outdoor events.

Outdoor Committee

Larry Cornelis (chair)
Paul Carter
Melissa Gill
Shawn McKnight
Justin Nicol


(1) All youth under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult on the outings.
(2) Registration is not required unless specifically noted.




We offer 2 different groups for children of varying ages and experience levels

Young Naturalist Group (6-11 years old)

This is our core Young Naturalist Group; the focus in on enjoying our local wild spaces while building a scientific understanding of the world around us. This group is fun and enjoyable and also provides an introduction to environmental education. This group meets outdoors once per month (2 hour meetings) in local parks and other beautiful natural spaces. Children are monitored by an experienced guide during all our meetings; see ‘Meet the Instructor’ for more information. Parents are always welcome to attend.

Junior Conservationists (12-16 years old)

This program provides an introduction to environmental field studies for young adults interested in conservation as a hobby or a career! This group meets at least once per month and performs positive conservation ACTIONS – helping to protect, preserve, or rehabilitate natural spaces and their inhabitants. Most meetings will last from 4 to 8 hours – a full day’s work!! Young adults will be accompanied by at least one instructor during all meetings.

Organized and lead by Michael Kent and Anne Goulden.

Download the enrollment form here.