After months of keeping it a secret, we’re finally ready to announce the winners of our 2016 Photo Contest.

In total, over 200 photos were entered entailing a diversity of plants, animals, mushrooms, scenes, and landscapes that truly highlighted Lambton County. It was a difficult judging process with many excellent entries. The panel of judges were from the Sarnia Photographic Club, the Petrolia Camera Club and Lambton Wildlife. Judging was aided by several other members of the Sarnia Photographic Club who made the process much more efficient with the use of a scoring machine and volunteering their time and effort.

One of the goals of the contest was to encourage the citizens of Lambton County to enjoy the outdoors and share their experiences through the medium of photography. By sharing these experiences we bring awareness to our area’s unique natural heritage. After going through all the photos, we felt like we succeeded!

The most rewarding part of the contest was that it was all captured by YOU! YOU explored the natural areas.  YOU braved and/or basked in the elements. YOU took the time to capture special moments that can be shared. We THANK YOU for that.

The winners were announced and awarded their prizes at the “Members Photofest” event on January 30th.  At the event, they had the opportunity to share any comments or stories behind their photo and answer any questions. It served as the perfect celebratory cap to Lambton Wildlife’s 50th Anniversary.

Keep on exploring and taking wonderful pictures!

The winners for each category are:

Youth Excellence

1st Place - Alexi Czyczurko with “Sunset Seagull”

Youth Excellence – 1st Place – Alexi Czyczurko with “Sunset Seagull”

Youth Excellence - 3rd Place - Lexi McCormick with “Turtles”

Youth Excellence – 3rd Place – Lexi McCormick with “Turtles”

Honourable Mention - Vidal Hart with “Take Off”

Youth Excellence – Honourable Mention – Vidal Hart with “Take Off”


Flora - 1st Place - Charlene Graham with “Trilliums”

Flora – 1st Place – Charlene Graham with “Trilliums”

Flora - 2nd Place - Sharon Nethercott with “Butterfly Meadows, Warwick Conservation Area”

Flora – 2nd Place – Sharon Nethercott with “Butterfly Meadows, Warwick Conservation Area”

3rd - Stephen Hunt with “One in a Million”

Flora – 3rd Place – Stephen Hunt with “One in a Million”

Honourable Mention - Alexis with “Milkweed”

Flora – Honourable Mention – Alexis B with “Milkweed”



1st Place - Frank Rodin with “Scratchin’ an Itch”

Fauna – 1st Place – Frank Rodin with “Scratchin’ an Itch”

Fauna - 2nd Place - Peter DeBurger with “Meeting of the Minds”

Fauna – 2nd Place – Peter DeBurger with “Meeting of the Minds”

3rd Place - Janette Baillie with “Doe a Deer”

Fauna – 3rd Place – Janette Baillie with “Doe a Deer”

Honourable Mention - Shuff with “Indigo Bunting”

Fauna – Honourable Mention – Sid Huff with “Indigo Bunting”

Honourable Mention - Lorraine Morill with “Red-breasted Merganser in Mating Ritual”

Fauna – Honourable Mention – Lorraine Morrill with “Red-breasted Merganser in Mating Ritual”


1st Place - Daniel Belly with “Blue Point Sunset”

Landscapes/scenery – 1st Place – Daniel Bellyk with “Blue Point Sunset”

George Roesma with “Bluewater Bridge”

Landscapes/scenery – 2nd Place – George Roesma with “Bluewater Bridge”

3rd Place – Deryl Nerthercott with “Winter on the St. Clair”

Honourable Mention - Darren Metcalfe with “Sunset”

Landscapes/scenery – Honourable Mention – Darren Metcalfe with “Sunset”

Honourable Mention - Lauren Broeders with “Lambton Shores”

Landscapes/scenery – Honourable Mention – Lauren Broeders with “Lambton Shores”

Honourable Mention - Denise Dykema with “Country Roads”

Landscapes/scenery – Honourable Mention – Denise Dykema with “Country Roads”



The November 15th deadline for Lambton Wildlife Inc.’s photo contest is fast approaching! With a diversity of wildlife and landscapes showcasing Lambton County, the gallery of entries displayed on the site thus far are wonderful. However, we could still use a lot more entries, especially for the youth excellence category.photographer-1287402_1280

If you haven’t submitted your photo(s) yet, there are still many reasons to, such as:

1) It’s free! No purchase, no entry fees, yes please.

2) You can win prizes! There’s over $1000.00 in prizes going to be given away. Need I say more? I will.

3) Submission can be done online today! Although things aren’t perfect, you don’t have to rely on pigeons or posts to submit your photos. Just check out the 2016 photo contest tab for more info and if you have any problems contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

4) The odds are in your favour! Especially youth! We do not have many entries so far, which means your chance to win is higher. All categories could use more entries, especially youth. The odds of winning right now are higher than you might think. We know we have talented youth and children out there who are skilled with the camera and would like some of these great prizes. What a great way to get your name out there too!


5) You and your photos will receive recognition from Lambton Wildlife and could be featured in Lambton Wildlife’s promotional materials and Earthways newletter! Amateur and professional photographers alike, you can get your name out there and for a great cause. Lambton Wildlife Inc. is all about the community and nature, submit to share your photographic proof.

6) You will be showcasing Lambton County, it’s wildlife and our natural areas! The Great Lakes, Oak Savannahs, Tall Grass Prairies, Carolinian Forest and all the patches in between that our wildlife calls home. You’ll be representing the vote-less and the voiceless, the winged and the rooted, the important and oft underappreciated!

Did I mention we need more youth entries?


Tell your kids, tell your friends, tell your friends with kids, tell Facebook…you get the idea.

Nov. 15th!

November 15th is the last day for submissions into the Lambton Wildlife 2016 Photo Contest. If you haven’t submitted an image in each category, you still have time!
There are 4 categories: Flora, Fauna, Landscapes and Youth Excellence.
You can submit 1 image per category, but only 1.
Images should showcase Lambton County.
All photos must have been captured within the last two years.
Upload your images via the online contest page or via the submissions page.
Don’t wait, get yours in now!

Have You Successfully Uploaded Your Entries?

All photo contest submissions that were uploaded via the Photo Contest page or the Submit A Picture workaround will be added to an additional gallery so that all participants can show off their work and can confirm that their images were successfully submitted.

Please allow 2-4 days for your images to be added to this gallery.

* If you do not see your image after that time frame, please contact the webmaster.

Go and see if your images is there now!



Third party applications, you gotta love them, when they work the way you hope they will. Unfortunately, the app we are using for our 2016 Photo Contest Online Submission isn’t as user friendly or as ‘perfect’ as we had hoped it would be.

We hope this post will solve some of the issues we have heard about so far and if you have any other issues, please email us or comment below and we will try to help resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

Add your questions in the comments below and we will add the answers and solutions to this post!

General FAQs

If you have uploaded images and can not find them on the Photo Submission Gallery page after 4 business days, please contact the webmaster.

If you have entered more than one image in a category, the rules state that only the last submission will be used.

Due to the number of contestants, we are not able to send follow-up emails to confirm which entry you wish to use.

Unfortunately, the app does not allow us to add images to the gallery except through their upload system. This is a huge inconvenience for you and for us. The only images that will appear in the Photo Contest Gallery section are those that were successfully uploaded via the Photo Contest App. Due to this issue, we have decided to create a new and complete Contest Gallery where all submissions can be seen. If your image is not in this gallery, please contact the webmaster (please allow 2-4 days between submitting and image and contacting the webmaster).

Please visit the new Submission Gallery:



This is a problem that many others, who wanted to come back later to submit their other images, have had. The app is not allowing users to login.

The solution we have devised for this is for participants to submit their additional images via the Submit A Picture page.


Select “2016 Photo Contest”

Fill in the rest of the form and then upload your image(s).


You will get confirmation that the files were successfully uploaded. The only issue with having to by-pass the Photo Contest App is that any image uploaded this way will not be displayed in the Photo Contest gallery.

The application is suppose to do both of these, but it doesn’t. Even if it did send you login information, the application isn’t recognizing it, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

If you have submitted an image or images, they have to be approved and activated by the webmaster. Once they are activated, you should be able to see them posted under the gallery section. Please wait several days before getting concerned that they weren’t uploaded. If, after several days, you have still not seen them added to the gallery, please contact us.

There seems to be an issue with the third-party app that runs the online photo contest. Technical support is being contacted but may not resolve the issue in time.

If you would like to add an additional image(s) to the contest but can’t login, please submit the additional images using the Submit A Picture page and select “2016 Photo Contest” as the location in the first section. Otherwise, please contact who can help you with your additional submissions.

After submitting images, please check the new Submission Gallery page to see if your image(s) was successfully uploaded. If you do not see your image within 2-4 day, please contact the webmaster.

We apologize for the inconvenience.