This monthly presentation begins with a social gathering starting at 7pm. Come and get to know other Lambton Wildlife members and enjoy some refreshments then enjoy a presentation by Jody Allair from Bird Studies Canada.

Jody is a biologist and science educator at Bird Studies who is going to share his knowledge of at-risk forest birds and why they are so important. Learn about these remarkable birds, what threats they face and what we all might do to help them.

To learn more about Jody, watch the video below.

The Field Biologist | Meet Jody Allair of Bird Studies Canada from WorkCabin on Vimeo.

The Eastern Hog-nosed snake is a threatened species in Ontario. During a fall hike recently in the Pinery, we spotted this young one lying in the leaves along the edge of a trail. We photographed it and then showed it to the Naturalists at the Visitor’s Centre. They asked us to fill out a ‘Species At Risk’ form and to upload an image to their site.


The evening begins with a social gathering at 7:00pm, followed by the guest speaker, who is a plant ecologist fascinated by the long-term interrelationships between plant communities and human communities that share a landscape.

Dr. Jenny McCune has been hunting for rare plants focusing on private land across southern Ontario. Join her to see the results of her treasure hunting photos and learn how to identify these uncommon species …there may even be some you’ve seen without realizing they were rare!