Meet: 8:30 am at the Pinery Provincial Park visitor centre.

Tell staff at the main gate you’re participating in the count.

There is a $4:00 fee to participate. Bring lunch and water.

Call Brenda to register.

Rain date is set for June 25th.

Junior Conservationists

June 24th—North American Butterfly Association (NABA) Count 

Pinery Provincial Park

TBD *Registration Required*

Open to Lambton Wildlife Inc Young Naturalist Club members only. To become a member and see the schedule of exciting events visit: Registration Required. Limited numbers permitted. Email or Contact Mike Kent

Put your butterfly identification skills to the test while we try to count as many individuals and types of butterflies as we can in one day.

Where to Meet


What to bring –

  • insect net
  • binoculars
  • sunblock
  • hat
  • water
  • butterfly guide
  • map
  • camera
  • pen/pencil & notepad
  • insect repellent (wash hands after application for the sake of our friendly insects)

The Eastern Hog-nosed snake is a threatened species in Ontario. During a fall hike recently in the Pinery, we spotted this young one lying in the leaves along the edge of a trail. We photographed it and then showed it to the Naturalists at the Visitor’s Centre. They asked us to fill out a ‘Species At Risk’ form and to upload an image to their site.