Felicia Syer Nicol introduced Dr. Jenny McCune of Carlton University. Jenny’s doctoral work at the University of Guelph involved the use of computer models to predict rare plant species occurrences despite such factors as significant landscape fragmentation, unsuitability of habitat, proximity of forest habitat, and distance from the nearest known population. Humans pose the most serious threats through residential and commercial development, recreational activities, pesticide use, etc..


The evening begins with a social gathering at 7:00pm, followed by the guest speaker, who is a plant ecologist fascinated by the long-term interrelationships between plant communities and human communities that share a landscape.

Dr. Jenny McCune has been hunting for rare plants focusing on private land across southern Ontario. Join her to see the results of her treasure hunting photos and learn how to identify these uncommon species …there may even be some you’ve seen without realizing they were rare!

Dr. Jenny McCune is a plant ecologist interested in the long-term dynamics and conservation of plant communities. She completed her PhD in the department of Botany at the University of British Columbia and has been hunting for rare plants located on private land across southern Ontario.

Join Lambton Wildlife for our monthly social get together followed by our guest speaker.

Joins us at 7pm for refreshments before the evening begins at 7:30pm.

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