Mandaumin Woods Fall Trail

Mandaumin Woods Fall Trail

Mandaumin Woods is a beautiful nature preserve and the trail this time of year is dry and very enjoyable.  Mandaumin Woods is located just south of the village of Mandaumin on the west side of Mandaumin Road.  The bugs are mostly gone and it is the time of year to enjoy the fall colours and watch for wildlife. We saw a deer and several wild turkeys as we walked the trail; although it is hard to sneak up on anything because the leaves are dry and walking on them sounds like walking on Rice Crispies!

Lambton Wildlife Inc. purchased Mandaumin Woods, a 25 acre woodlot, in 1972.  It was the county’s first nature reserve and is maintained in its original condition as a “living museum”.   It was purchased to provide a sanctuary for migrating birds and hibernating animals and is an area where natural conditions are allowed to persist unaffected by human activity.  Take the time this fall to enjoy a quiet walk through this beautiful nature preserve.

There are several places where we needed to step over obstacles and of course there are lots of roots and other tripping hazards so take care.

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