Lambton Wildlife Celebrates Its 50th Year!

Lambton Wildlife Celebrates Its 50th Year!

Mary-Martin-2016Lambton Wildlife has been in existence for 50 years. It began with a small group of people who kept meeting on local trails and developed into an organization that has made an enduring impact in our local area.

Lambton Wildlife was involved with the creation of the Howard Watson Nature Trail and owns two pieces of property in trust for future generations. The group assisted in the creation of two other environmental organizations, Carolinian Canada and more recently, Return the Landscape. We also have ongoing partnerships with many other groups. This past summer we entered into a long- discussed agreement with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Naturalists tend to bond together and work cooperatively to reach goals.

As we reflect as an organization about our past actions, we need to keep our focus on the future. We need to continue to build partnerships and pursue projects that reflect our core beliefs and continue to have relevance in our community.

There are always individuals who are curious about nature, who feel passionate about investigating, documenting and celebrating the unique natural world found right outside our back doors. Lambton Wildlife is an organization that can bring these individuals together to share not only friendship, but mingle exploration and discovery with education and conservation.

Our new website allows Lambton Wildlife to reach out to many new people. It also acts as a vehicle to document our events and activities. These educational activities, like our recent birding course, have attracted many new members and reaffirm our commitment to our community. I encourage Lambton Wildlife members to think about how to participate and become actively involved in our organization. We continue to need volunteers to contribute their time and keep our group vibrant for the next 50 years.

Working together, we can achieve more.

Mary Martin

LWI president, 2016 – 2017

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