1973 – Marking the Ausable Trail

1973 – Marking the Ausable Trail

In 1972-73 Lambton Wildlife and the Sarnia Hiking Club with Fern Noel, spearheaded the setting up an eight mile hiking trail from Hungry Hollow to #7 Highway. The trail was divided into five sections, with five section leaders. The leaders were John Tymar, Don Smith, Les Greenop, Ron Laflair and Gerry Clements.


In the spring of 1993 Laura Knight, in the centre section, was marking the trail by tying a red ribbon to trees.aus-2_1

At the same time and place, Irwin Knight, Laura Knight and Dr. John King-Price settled down for lunch after a morning of trail marking. aus-2a_1

A view of the valley from the trail.

Directions: From Highway 402 exit onto Highway 79 and go north to Highway 22 (Egremont
Road), then east to the Arkona Road and travel north to Arkona. Make a right turn in the 11
village center and follow County Road 12 east to Sylvan Rd. Turn north on Sylvan Road into
Hungry Hollow and continue north. The valley and trail and be accessed from the west end of
either Elm Tree Dr. or MacDonald Dr. Also from the cairn located near the intersection of
Scout Rd. and Coldstream Rd. (See also Joany’s Woods). It is strongly recommended that
someone familiar with the trail provide direction.

Trail information and history.

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