1985 – Snowshoeing to Mystery Falls

In the winter of 1985, Lambton Wildlife had a snowshoe hike in the Ausable Valley to visit the Mystery Falls area. We had lots of snow and a beautiful sunny day. We carried in small camp burners and had hot apple cider, which went down VERY well. The trip was well attended by members of our club.


Snowshoeing below Mystery Falls.



Mystery Falls in winter. You could get under the falls and hope it did not cave in.



Outward bound, the end of a great winter day.


Ausable River Trail map, including Mystery Falls Side Trail.


  • Mary

    Definitely someplace I want to hike. I have always gone to the other side of the river. In the video, they were hunting for brachiopods under the fallen leaves. That was a challenge.

  • Roberta

    We have never been to Mystery Falls – but after reading this we are definitely going to visit! Thanks for the great information Gerry!

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