Lambton Wildlife Inc at Sarnia’s Hobbyfest

The Sarnia Hobbyfest was held on July 17, 2016 at Centennial Park.  The Lambton Wildlife booth was one of about forty on display.

Temperature wise, is was cool to start the day and gradually warmed up to short sleeve weather.  The wind was the biggest issue as strong gusts were coming from Sarnia Bay.  Our canopy was anchored with sand bags, but at times it needed a human anchor to keep it from being relocated several metres east!

The crowd did not appear to be very large, but that could have been due to the large area covered by the displays.  Traffic to the LWI booth was sporadic.  The kids really enjoyed the bird ID game and the Cardinal bookmark handouts. The bird ID game is something that has been in the LWI archives for a time.  It is built on pegboard.  There are a number of pictures of birds pasted to the pegboard and a list of bird names displayed along the left edge.  The game is played by holding one probe on the contact under the bird picture and the other on the contact of the bird name.  Should the contacts on the bird and bird name be electrically connected, the owl’s eyes, at the top of the board, light up and a buzzer sounds.  The kids loved it.

We had a number of discussions about the vintage of the bird game, but we never really came to establish when or who made it.  Does anyone know?

We passed out a number of LWI programs and a number of people appeared to be interested in our programs.  Time will tell if the Hobbyfest will benefit LWI.

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