LWI sponsors five Natural Environment Awards at County Science Fair

LWI sponsors five Natural Environment Awards at County Science Fair

This year, to commemorate of our 50th Anniversary, Lambton Wildlife sponsored five Lambton County Science Fair Awards.  The Lambton Wildlife Inc. Natural Environment Award was presented to students in the Lambton County Science Fair whose projects best demonstrated a keen interest in Nature and the Environment.  The projects could include nature, biology, conservation, ecology, or other related disciplines and have an application to the conservation, preservation, and protection of the natural environment.

Lambton County Science Fair was held April 7 and 8 and over 125 aspiring scientists from Grades 3 to 12 took part.  We were lucky enough to be the judges for the Lambton Wildlife Awards and it was so wonderful to hear each of the students express their concern for the environment and the importance of conservation and protection of the natural world.

It was a difficult decision, but in the end the following were selected as the award winning projects in three age categories; Grades 3 to 5, Grades 6 to 8, and, Grade 9 and 10.  Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in future competitions.

Marin Feniak (Grade 5) From Ducks to Trucks (using duckweed as a source for biofuel)

Safia Deol (Grade 5) Innovative Solar Energy Absorption: An Improved and Efficient System

Lanna Iacobelli and Annabelle Rayson (Grade 6) Oil Be Damned: Ferrofluids to the Rescue (oil spill clean-up methods)

Madhumitha Parthiban (Grade 9) Veggie Fuel (using vegetable oils to produce biodiesel)

Mavi Deol (Grade 10) A Novel Filtration System to Reduce Carbon Dioxide from Car Emissions    

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