Swallow Nesting Colony

Swallow Nesting Colony

View Bank and Northern Rough-winged swallows in their nesting colony as they hunt insects to feed their young.

Ron and Linda Core are hosting Lambton Wildlife to view a colony of swallows that nest in the banks of a gravel pit at the rear of the family farm.  Bank swallows excavate tunnels in the bank to nest  and the Northern Rough-winged swallows have been known to re-use cavities developed by the Bank swallows.  There will also be an opportunity to hike in the family’s woodland trail to view trees that Ron has planted and view plants and trees of the area.

The walk leader is Larry Cornelis.  Larry is naturalist local to Lambton-Kent, where he has lived all of his life.  He is a very knowledgeable resource of the flora and fauna of the area.  He is an avid bird watcher and will tell you that he doesn’t get enough time to pursue the hobby.  He is a board member of Sydenham Field Naturalists and Lambton Wildlife Incorporate. Larry is a busy guy and always happy to be outside working with nature.

The event begins at 10:00 AM June 10 on the farm of Ron and Linda Core.  The address is 4082 Confederation Line, which is east of Mandaumin and about 2.5Km west of Oil Heritage Road.

The Swallow viewing is considered to be an easy event with only a short walk to the viewing site.  The woodland trail portion is a longer walk, about a kilometre, but still considered easy.  At this time, we are unsure if we can drive back to the swallow viewing or if we will walk.  The walk, should we need to walk, is less than 1Km.

The walk is open to everyone without charge.  Binoculars are recommended.  Footwear appropriate for the weather.  Photo opportunities exist throughout the tour.  There are no facilities available on the farm.

Contact Anne Goulden at anniegou@gmail.com for any questions.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Meet: 10:00 am, 4082 Confederation Line

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