Bird Notes

Greater White-fronted Geese.

Greater White-fronted Geese. Photograph by Genny Houghton.

On January 27th of this year, a number of Greater White-fronted Geese were seen in Lambton County. I read on email dated Jan 25th from Linda that 2 Greater White-fronted Geese had been seen at the south pond at Blackwell Trails! I forwarded that email to other birders on the 26th evening. By the morning, Deryl N was on the hunt and had re-found the geese. By the time I arrived, they had flown. We found them and then lost them again (we were up to 6) at the Sunset Golf.

Shortly after 34 had been ID’d by Quinten Wiegersma in a flyover at Wawanosh Wetlands.

These birds were spotted again at Blackwell Trails south pond by Blake M.

Wow what an exciting day! A group managed to see them and great photos were obtained. Genny Houghton has let us her picture.

Greater White-fronted Geese breed in Alaska, Northern Ontario and Greenland. They are a rare sighting in Southwestern Ontario.


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