Biomimicry- innovation inspired by nature

Biomimicry – Innovation Inspired by Nature

At the February indoor meeting, LWI member, Kim Gledhill set the stage for her talk about biomimicry by selecting volunteers from the audience to participate in a group activity to simulate adaptation. Many of the physical features we see on plants and animals are well-suited to their environment and are adaptations that have developed over many, many generations through natural selection.

Kim explained that Biomimicry is based on the principle that nature has already solved many of the problems we are facing, and is the imitation of copying nature to solve problems.

Kim Gledhill speaking about biomimicry at the February 2018 Indoor Meeting

The examples of innovation were really fascinating.

Kim told us about the shape of a Kingfisher’s beak leading to the design of a high-speed, high efficiency train, and vertical windmills that have been designed around the movement of schooling fish.

Other neat examples included swimwear taking inspiration from shark skin, and medical adhesive inspired by gecko feet.

Looking to nature can help humans to develop sustainable and practical solutions and products. It will be exciting to see what other nature-inspired products and technologies are developed in the future!




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