LWI 2022 Meritorious Service Award 

LWI 2022 Meritorious Service Award 

Presented to Roberta Buchanan

For her significant volunteer stewardship of the local environment and contributions to Lambton Wildlife operations and activities.

Roberta is a long-time Lambton Wildlife volunteer who gets things done!

One of Roberta’s earliest connections with Lambton Wildlife was through her fundraising efforts in the early 1990s. Under Roberta’s direction, Northern High school held an annual Envirobash with the proceeds of the environmental games and activities going to Lambton Wildlife. Roberta continued her involvement with the club over the years, but increased her activities in 2013 when she took over as Property Manager of the Mandaumin Woods Nature Reserve. With her direction and labour, invasive species such as buckthorn have been removed and native trees and prairie plant have been added. The trail has been improved extensively. The “stepping stone logs” in wet areas and all the interpretive signage are Roberta’s addition. Lambton Wildlife members and many other visitors enjoy the results of her efforts during spring wildflower walks and other outings at Mandaumin Woods.

Roberta was the key organizer for Lambton Wildlife’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2016 and has volunteered on the board of directors. She chaired the Habitat Fund committee for several years and this past year, she spearheaded the Fundraising Committee. Roberta is frequently a member of the Indoor and Outdoor planning committees.  Roberta has been instrumental in the creation of the website content and blog postings and several video productions on YouTube have featured Roberta. Upon the creation of the Sydenham River Nature Reserve, Roberta became a committed steward of that property, conducting snake monitoring and other stewardship activities, on a regular basis. Roberta typically logs between 750 and 1000 km each year on Lambton Wildlife’s stewardship activities. 

Roberta’s volunteer activity has been an inspiration for all and we are grateful for her dedication to the natural world. We have all benefited from her ability to problem solve and “get things done.”

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