Bird Friendly Sarnia

Bird populations are rapidly falling across North America and beyond; a major study conducted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology reported that we have lost three billion birds in North America over the last 50 years. Many of the species are ones that we can observe in our cities and towns, and have fallen victim to multiplying dangers including: habitat loss and degradation due to urban sprawl and development, declines in insect populations, predation by outdoor pets, light pollution, window collision, and disturbance of their nesting or roosting sites.

The time to act is now!

A group of local volunteers has formed a Sarnia Bird Team and is working in partnership with Nature Canada to certify Sarnia as a Bird Friendly City. 

What is a Bird Friendly City?

Certification as a bird friendly city is a badge of honor, it tells the world that Sarnia is leading on the efforts to reverse bird population declines. 

How you can help Sarnia’s Birds

There are several simple things that the public can do to benefit birds that live in and migrate through Sarnia:

Download link for PDF of Sarnia Roaming Cats under resources below


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