Learning about The Fungus Among Us- Lambton County Heritage Forest- September 2017

Orb Spider on the Fungus Walk Sept 2017

Walking stick Fungus Walk

Slimes and Scales June 2017

Insect Extravaganza- Fairbanks Property , Oil Springs Aug 2017

What’s All The Buzz About- July 2017 Marthaville Management Area

What’s All The Buzz About July 2017


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An enthusiastic birder and member of Lambton Wildlife, the Ontario Field Ornithologists (OFO) and Ontario Nature, Anne learned to love nature from her father. Walking, gardening and birding have been a part of Anne’s life since she was a child. Wanting to meet other local birders in the area, she joined LWI back in 2007. Anne is a member of the LWI board for

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